Our Ventures

Solving for Access to Market

We aim to solve market inefficiencies and information asymmetry by connecting market supply and demand more effectively.  

ShegaGebeya is our eCommerce marketplace for micro, small, medium productive enterprises. ShegaMuya is our marketplace for informal sector workers and ShegaTravel offers online hotel and tourism packages.

Solving for Access to Digital Financial Services

Our financial service businesses focus on enabling access to insurance and credit.  Kifiya’s digital lending platform uses a credit scoring algorithm to provide uncollateralized loans to individuals and enterprises.  Our micro-insurance marketplace platform enables farmers and pastoralists to access insurance to strengthen their resilience against climate and other shocks. Our payment services focus on enabling digital payments.  Our mobile wallet and super application allows payments to kifiya’s businesses and merchants among others.

Solving for Agriculture and Last-mile Distribution

Kifiya’s agriculture and last-mile distribution portfolio has a digital contact farming platform for horticulture produce and a last mile distribution agent network for FMCG, fresh produce and other products.

Solving for Mobility and Logistics

Our logistics and mobility businesses focus on better utilizing available transportation assets to reduce the transactional cost of delivery.   Kifiya has a point-to-point business serving individuals, businesses, and networked operations.  We run a long-distance bus ticketing platform and an e-prescription and pharmaceutical delivery platform.