Hana Yohannes

Founder of Hana Design

My name is Hana Yohannes. I am the Founder of Hana Design. We make women’s and kids’ clothing. We first started by making masks and nurses’ smocks. With a growing business, we have been able to create jobs for 23 youths. We spent many resources promoting our products to the intended market. Shega.com is one of the outlets we are using to reach our customers.

Siham Feysel

Founder of Creative Gojo

My name is Siham Feysel. I am the Founder of Creative Gojo. We create environmental-friendly home elements, art, and sculptures using recycled materials. I started creating paper arts as my part-time job and selling them out of my home through social media. This grew to become my main job and founded Creative Gojo. We now have nine full-time employees. Our goal is to teach our community to generate income with sustainable solutions. We plan to create different jobs and opportunities for the youth in our community.