Logistics and Mobility

Logistics and Mobility

The delivery service in Ethiopia has been struggling to grow because of the gap in trained professional human resources, access to capital, lack of awareness in the logistic sector, and absence of clear operations directives.

The state-owned Ethiopian Postal Service Enterprise is the only indigenous courier service in Ethiopia focused on parcel delivery with a vast reach to the mass.

Because of the current shift of the business in Ethiopia to digital, new opportunities are opening up for the delivery business. The growing number of mobile payment methods and the ever-increasing mobile users is making the e-commerce business blooming with the need for delivery service. There are few tech-enabled delivery service providers focused on one specific sector area like food, grocery, or parcel delivery. Although these companies are operational and trying to address the market, they can still not fully meet the gap because of the lack of capacity of an asset and trained professionals to meet the service demand.

The delivery platform creates an inefficient point-to-point delivery.

The Freight logistics platform creates an efficient intra-city, inter-city, and cross-border freight service for businesses.

The Kifiya medicine delivery platform leverages e-prescription technology and pharmacy inventory management system to ensure patients can access the medicines they need.

Kifiya’s long-distance bus ticket booking platform enables travelers to leverage technology to manage payments and reservations.

Kifiya’s payment platform allows businesses and consumers make payments with ease.