Why a
Venture Lab?

Ethiopia’s journey to a digitally catalyzed economy needs an innovative force behind it. It’s our belief that taking an out-of-the-box approach to foster innovation will allow the youth to develop innovative products.

At K-venture Lab we provide all the infrastructural, financial, and technical knowledge innovators need to launch a product. Through a meticulous selection process, we bring together young innovators who are daring to revolutionize market systems that are aligned with our core area of knowledge and expertise.



Based on our delivery technology, a group of medical professionals have built a medicine delivery app that allows users  to upload their prescription and  have it delivered to patients avoiding the time and agony of searching for medicine. They are also building access to market for medical equipment.

Shega Muya

Based on our marketplace technology, a group of vibrant young people are building a gig platform connecting informal sector workers to jobs and working capital while providing quality assurance to customers.

CHE Food

Based on our infrastructure an experience in mobility services, a New venture under formulation with our lab, Che Food follows a cloud kitchen model with the aim of availing affordable and high-quality food delivered to the workplace.

Shega Travel

Based on our marketplace technology and substantive curation, innovators with experience in the tourism sector are taking on the challenge of re-innovating the tourism sector. Shega Travel aims to create the best experience for customers by solving information asymmetry and providing curated experiences.