Access to Market

Access to Market

Market linkage is essential in creating demand for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) products to sustain their operation. Marketing factors affecting enterprises’ performance include inadequate market, difficulty searching for new markets, poor quality products for the market, lack of establishing a market network, and lack of market research. So far, the means of the market used are government institutions, exhibitions, bazaars, and self-promotion (self-effort) only.

20.6% internet users in Ethiopia, which is 13.4% increase from 2020

5.8% active social media users, with an 8.1% increase from 2020

70% of MSMEs have no access to credit from any of the potential sources

Kifiya’s eCommerce platform creates access to new markets for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) while providing choice and variety to consumers.

The platform allows low and semi-skilled workers to have access to job markets and provides consumers access to qualified labor.

The last mile distribution platform creates market access by connecting wholesalers with retailers.

Kifiya’s digital agri-business creates commercial market access to smallholder farmers in horticulture.

The online travel booking platform presents Ethiopian tourism both in domestic, transit, and international markets through destination curation.

The e-payment system will make e-commerce and other shopping experiences possible and practical.