Technology Platforms


Financial Ecosystem (click to enlarge)

Kifiya decided early on not only to acquire applications that have been proven in the field, but also the source code of the application to enable us innovate and transfer technology locally. This is in line of our philosophy of not re-inventing the wheel but wanting to control our destiny.

Kifiya has three platforms, each designed to enable services independently from the other. But the true power of Kifiya platforms is the synergistic relationship between services when they are applied together.


Based on eService framework developed by CMC, a Tata Group Company, Kifiya has customized this framework to develop the Single Window Delivery Platform.

The single window delivery platform enables any service to be delivered through a single point. The provision of integrated services has been achieved through the use of three-tier technology. The application server acts as a bridge between the database of the different organizations located in different locations and the clients at the counters at the single point delivery.

The platform facilitates Government to Citizen (G2C) and Business to Consumer (B2C) services.

The three-tier technology insures that there is enough redundancy to enable transactions to continue in offline mode.


Our Digital Financial Services Platform has the dual capability to enable Branchless Banking and Mobile Money services. New devices, technologies, services and consumer expectations make the mobile ecosystem dynamic and complex. Our platform’s three-tier architecture manages this complexity by separating the systems integration, mobile technology and mobile services.

Our DFS platform has switching, reconciliation and settlement functions.

Branchless Banking Platform

Branchless Banking Platform provides financial institutions with the ability to deliver banking services in remote areas through the use of end point devices (smart phones coupled with biometric readers and printers) that enable biometric enrollment and photo capture, creation of saving accounts, requesting and processing of application for credit, withdrawals, transfers and payments.

Financial Institution employees will be equipped with end point devices, allowing customers in remote rural areas to have access to previously unavailable financial services either with a card or with simple biometric authentication.

The Kifiya platform has biometric capability, ability to read magnetic, contactless and smart cards, do offline processing, print receipts and run for 48 hours on battery power. It uses the GPRS connectivity

Mobile Money Platform

Mobile Money Platform enables transactions such as utility bill payments, electronic airtime top-up, bank balance enquiry, and money transfer using the power of their mobile phone.

It allows users to transact and store electronic value on a dedicated account associated with a mobile phone number, redeemable for cash. Through establishment of an agent network for cash in and cash out services.

The mobile money services platform uses USSD, SMS and WAP protocols of the telecom network to initiate and process the transactions.


Our multichannel mVAS platform has the capability to provide value added services on SMS (Short Message Service) and IVR (Interactive Voice Response); and voucher solution.

We are currently finalizing an mAgriculture product on this platform that will enable the distribution of weather and market information.

This platform enables the issuance of both physical and electronic voucher including unique security features. The voucher solution is robust, dynamic and generates customizable reports.