Microinsurance Validation Workshop

Kifiya held a micro insurance validation workshop on January 29, 2015. Key stakeholders were invited to presentations on geodata-driven risk-mitigation micro insurance to offer a basic safety net to protect small holder farmers against weather related peril.

The weather-based micro insurance workshop provided an interactive platform for professional discussion on weather-based Micro Insurance in Ethiopia, taking into account international practices in the field.

Leading experts on micro insurance from Micro-Save micro insurance practice and University Twente from the Netherlands were part of the panel which presented international practices and possible approaches to weather index based micro insurance in Ethiopia.

The workshop brought together key stakeholders to provide a holistic discussion on micro insurance in Ethiopia, from the:

  • Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Bureaus of Agriculture
  • Insurance Companies
  • Microfinance Institutions
  • International Organizations
  • Development Partners and
  • Academics
This event was well received and provided a solid foundation for key stakeholders to understand the work Kifiya and it’s partners are doing in building the infrastructure for micro insurance in Ethiopia. Stakeholders’ were also able to provide their inputs to further drive the initiative.


You can view the presentations by clicking the links below.


Session Presenter Downloads
Kifiya’s Approach: Technology for Micro Insurance
Munir Duri
CEO, Kifiya
Impact of Microinsurance – ILO  Infographic
Micro Insurance Practices: International Case Studies Premasis Mukherjee
Microinsurance Practice Group Leader, MicroSave
Micro Insurance Using NDVI Satellite Imagery: Approach & Methodology Dr. Ir. Kees de Bie
Associate Professor Spatial Information for Sustainable Agriculture, ITC University Twente
The Micro-Insurance ModelIntro to GeoNetcast-GIACIS  Remote Sensed data
For further information on micro insurance at Kifiya please contact:
Megerssa Miressa
Microinsurance Program Director
Tel: +251 115 580 080